About SCB


The school, Southern Cross Bujutsu, started in 2001 and is owned and operated by Debbie Clarke.  The principal instructors and Debbie and Peter Clarke.  They were both long time students of the late Jan de Jong.  The school operates in Carine in the northern suburbs of Perth Western Australia.

The school teaches the self defence arts of jujutsu (a martial art originating in Japan) and pencak silat (a martial art originating in Indonesia).

The school caters for all ages and capabilities.  As well as the classes in jujutsu and pencak silat, there is a specialized junior program and a specialized self defence courses for women and other groups.  There is also a course in stick work available without the necessity to be doing either jujutsu and pencak silat.

The focus is upon providing students with a modern and effective self defence capability.  The school does not do competitive or sporting forms of martial arts.  The serious objective of developing an effective self defence capability is taught in a friendly and relaxed way with the emphasis on training, whilst challenging, being a fun activity that is both social and enjoyable.

As well as classes, private lessons are available for individuals and small groups.  Special programs can be arranged.  Debbie does talks, special programmes and workshops for special interest groups.