Training notes


Please read the DOJO RULES and observe them at all times.  They are there for the safety and enjoyment of all members.

Training in any activity is always more satisfying if you are properly equipped for it.  Requirements for training jujutsu are minimal, but nevertheless important.

A training bag with-

  • Training towel;
  • Drink bottle;
  • Uniform jacket and belt if you have them, or a tracksuit top or similar (old) if you do not have a gi jacket.  A jacket is not required for pencak silat, self defence or stick classes;
  • Shin or forearm guards and groin guard if you wish.

Please have your name on all equipment, do not lend any of these items to anyone else, and do not share drink bottles. Keep all your equipment in your bag and take it all home with you.

On entering the Dojo, place your shoes on the mat provided. Never walk on the training mats with shoes or dirty feet. Finger and toenails should be short and clean.

If you have been unwell, or have sustained an injury you should consult a health professional before resuming training. Make sure your instructor is aware of any circumstances that may affect your participation in class.

Obviously, no student will be permitted on the mat if they are under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

Please be punctual. Lessons commence with a thorough warm up. This is most important to avoid injury during training. If you are late, you will still have to do a warm up, and this will take away from you instruction time. Do not leave the class before the final stretch at the end of the lesson.

When it comes to weapons training, we do provide weapons. Students should acquire their own weapons when involved in training weapons seriously.