Weapons legislation

The Weapons Act 1999 (WA)

In Western Australia, weapons are regulated by the Weapons Act 1999 (WA).  This legislation, first introduced in 1999, was the first separate piece of legislation governing weapons.  Previously, weapons had been covered in part by the Police Act 1892 and the Firearms Act 1973.   The new legislation also took direct and concerted action in relation to martial arts weapons.

The stated purpose of the legislation is (in relation to some weapons) to -

  • prohibit them being brought into the state; and
  • being possessed, purchased, sold, supplied or manufactured.

And in relation to other weapons (mainly martial arts weapons) to -

  • control the carriage and possession of such weapons.

There are some weapons that you simply cannot have and there are some weapons which you can have with qualifications.

There are three categories provided for in the legislation, namely -

  1. a prohibited weapon (refer section 6).
  2. a controlled weapon (refer section 7); and
  3. a weapon (refer section 8);

You can go to the State Law Publisher to obtain the complete and up to date versions of-

Weapons Act (WA) 1999; and

Weapons Regulations 1999.