Short Stick


The baton, or short stick, is a very accessible and practical weapon for self defence purposes.  The initial focus is on basic striking, blocking, manipulation, weapon retention and striking defences against grabbing and moving attacks.  Once these basics are acquired, you can move to other more complicated techniques such as controlling, locking and strangulation techniques.

The technical inspiration for the programme comes from a martial arts of Japan (tanbo jutsu) and Indonesia (where the short stick is referred to as "gada").

A baton (in various forms) has been  and continues to be a popular weapon carried by police forces.  Generally, it is regarded as a high level of force option.  This is because it is taught to be wielded with destructive force.  This is unfortunate.  The fact is that the baton can be used effectively to achieve self protection without reeking horrific injuries on assailants.  Skilfully used, it can be effective as a low level force option.  The programme focuses on the use of the baton such that it is capable of providing solutions through the whole spectrum of force options.

A short stick is a very versatile weapon of self defence.  It is possible to get someone to a stage of a very real self defence capability much quicker than it would take to learn sufficient empty handed skills to achieve a similar capacity.  To use a short stick as a weapon for self defence means that you need to be alive to the issue of only using reasonable force in the circumstances.  If an assailant is unarmed there is an immediate moral and legal issue due to the fact that you have a weapon and they do not.  Care needs to be exercised in developing tactics for deploying the stick to meet the requirements of different situations.