Long stick


The long stick is approximately 120 cm in length.  It should be the height of the floor to your armpit.  Many martial arts have have syllabuses involving sticks of similar lengths.

The long stick is not so much a practical weapon in modern times  - not as practical as the smaller siblings of walking stick and short stick.  Nevertheless, there are some important lessons to be learned from practicing with the long stick.

The technical inspiration for the programme comes from the stick arts of Japan (jo) and Indonesia (where it is referred to as "tongat")

The Indonesian methods for using the long stick are closer to and arguably relate better to the short stick, whilst the Japanese methods arguably relate better to use of the walking stick.  However, these are broad generalizations and the fact is that all methods have their use in the right time, place and circumstances.  For the stand alone stick course, the long stick utilizes aspects deriving from both Japanese and Indonesian methods.