Walking Stick


Many cultures at different times have used a walking stick or similar as a weapon of self defence.  For instance, there is a strong European tradition of using walking sticks based upon fencing methods with a sword.  The Japanese use a wooden staff of similar length to a walking stick, referred to as a "hanbo".  The walking stick shares characteristics of both short stick and long stick.

To be relevant to modern times for combat or self defence, the walking stick must be capable of being used in a wide range of practical applications.  As such it must be capable of being successfully applied against assailants whether unarmed or armed with a weapon.

The strategy for the use of the weapon may vary in each of these instances.  It is essential to keep in mind the advantages that are offered by the use of the walking stick and maximize these advantages.  Whether there are advantages or disadvantages depends upon what it is used against.  Further, the use of a walking stick as a weapon of self defence needs to be tailored to the construction of the walking stick itself.  The configuration of the handle will influence how the walking stick is used.  Another significant factor is the strength of the walking stick in its cross-section; important when used for blocking.  Slightly longer and much stronger are bush walking sticks, useful for travelling and hiking.

The potential advantages may be the use of the length of the weapon, the leverage that can be generated by using it as a lever, the additional force available in striking and the ease of manipulation.


If you are in possession of a walking stick, for instance, simply walking with it and you happen to be confronted with a situation which may require you to defend yourself, then, it is important to have an appropriate range of options available to you.  First and foremost you must retain possession of the stick so that it cannot be used against you.  The situation may be that only a low level of force is required to defend yourself - perhaps it just being able to extricate yourself from your clothing being held.  Here, hitting someone with the stick might be highly inappropriate and quite disproportionate to be technical assault of someone simply grabbing your clothing.  It is important to have an adequate range of force options to deal with all manner of situations.  It is important that the training be directed at providing a range of appropriate methods to deal with the range and severity of attacks that could occur.