Jujutsu is a Japanese art with a long and interesting history.  Essentially, it was the samurai warriors' art of unarmed combat, or more correctly, both unarmed combat and combat with small arms.

Southern  Cross Bujutsu teaches a modern form of jujutsu suitable to produce a self defence capability relevant to our modern society.  It is for all ages from teenagers through to seniors.

Having some strategies and skills for workable self defence is an important life skill for everyone to have.  Learn useful skills such as how to protect yourself when falling, which have applications for day-to-day activities unrelated to self defence.

Jujutsu provides for a wide range of responses to attacks, allowing for evasion, controlling techniques, throwing techniques and striking.  The wide range of responses allows for a proportionate response to an attack.  It is important to ensure (both from a legal as well as a moral perspective) that only reasonable force is used to respond to an attack.

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Whilst the emphasis is on empty-handed self defence methods, weapons are taught to higher grades.

Despite self defence being such a serious subject, training is conducted in a friendly way and training is an enjoyable and fun activity.  It is a fascinating, fun and intellectually intriguing subject to practice and train.  These are all good reasons to do jujutsu and at the same time to develop a rewarding and useful life skill.

Training and progressing through the syllabus are mentally and physically challenging tasks.  There is no doubt about this and there are no shortcuts or easy ways.  The more something is worth having, the more effort is required to obtain it.  We focus on the individual requirements of each person.  We do everything we can to encourage each individual to maximize their own improvement, no matter what the base level of their mental and physical abilities may be at the outset.  Being confident, coordinated, athletic, strong and fit certainly all help.  Training improves all of these aspects for everyone.  Each individual starts from their own base and we focus on and encourage improvements for each individual whatever their starting point may be.

There are separate classes for teenagers, adults and the more senior members.  Classes generally have equal proportions of men and women.  Jujutsu is also the basis of our programs for women's self defence and for juniors.