Stick Programme

stick 1

The use of various sticks (albeit in different forms) is part of each of the syllabuses of jujutsu, pencak silat and women's self defence.

We also have stick work available as an independent option without the need to do classes in jujutsu, pencak silat or women's self defence.  The programme covers:

  • short sticks;
  • walking stick; and
  • long stick

The programme is designed to give a self defence capability using the different length sticks or items that can be substituted for them.

The programme can be done by anyone.  It is particularly attractive to the more senior members of the community, as it is not physically demanding.  It can be done without having to fall to the ground and contact (if any) is very modest indeed.  For our more senior members, it offers a self defence capability without the need to learn any of the empty handed arts.

hanbo 13.4

The technical inspiration for the programme comes from a martial arts of Japan and Indonesia.  There are no gradings.

As well as being a fun and very socially orientated program, as with all our programmes, the self defence capability is very much to the fore.