Rules of the dojo

  • Enjoy yourself.
  • Treat all members of the club, and visitors, with respect and courtesy.
  • Accept responsibility for your actions.
  • Always endeavour to do your best.
  • Notify your instructor immediately if you sustain any injury or injure another person.
  • Cease training immediately if you are injured so that first aid can be administered.
  • No member of the junior class is to leave the building without the permission of the instructor, or without their parent or guardian.
  • Uniform must be clean and neat (t-shirts tucked in).
  • Hands and feet should be clean, with short, clean nails.
  • Leave jewelry at home or remove before training.
  • Long hair is to be tied back.
  • Visitors and spectators are welcome, but should not venture onto the match or training area.
  • Bags, shoes, jackets and belts should be neatly placed on the map provided or upon the chair.
  • Damaged or soiled equipment must underline that be brought to the notice of the instructor, not put away.
  • Return all equipment you have used to its correct storage area.
  • Treat the dojo and its surroundings with respect, do not litter, deface or damage it in any way.